Jack's Tale
A Mythic Mountain Musical
Book by Scot Copeland
Music by Paul Carrol Binkley
Lyrics by Paul Carrol Binkley and Scot Copeland

Feb 14 & 15 (Washington D.C.)
Feb 19 - Mar 8 (Nashville)
Presented by Nashville Children's Theatre.
Appropriate for families with children of all ages.

Everybody knows Jack! Old King is looking' to get the best of him, but Jack's a clever'un who ain't afeared of hard work nor Bluebeard Giants nor Raggedy-Bones his own self.  He'll outfox that Old King, he'll win the heart of Old King's Daughter, and he'll carve out a brand new world with his own two hands.  Inspired by the old-tyme tales and music of the Appalachians, NCT's own Scot Copeland and Paul Carrol Binkley have nursed this labor of love for several years, through its various phases of workshop presentations.  Thanks to a co-commission with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the authors are taking Jack one last step to glory.

NCT will premiere this uniquely southern piece with Nashville actors and a live bluegrass band at The Kennedy Center before Jack comes home to NCT, bringing with him this authentic gem of a mountain musical as sweet, dark and rick as the soil from which it sprang.

For tickets and further information for Washington D.C. performances, Feb 14 & 15,
please visit www.kennedy-center.org.
For tickets and further information for Nashville performances, Feb 19 - Mar 8,
please visit www.nashvillechildrenstheatre.org.

For those of you checking into this out of interest in PCB's music, he is music directing this talented group and will be adding his "voice" to each performance as he plays guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer along with the rest of his merry band.